We Need Your Support – Alison Leigh Lilly

We Need Your Support – Alison Leigh Lilly

My husband has been in negotiations with his ex-wife informally since October, and formally (read: with lawyers) for two months trying to work out a child custody arrangement that will let him see the kids after we’ve moved. We originally hoped for a three-month period of time with them during the summers, but after their mother objected that this would interfere with their homeschooling schedule, we compromised with a proposal to have them two months during the summer, and one week each in March, October and in December over the winter solstice. It’s still not very much time, and it’s going to be really expensive for us to have to pay to fly four kids back and forth across the country several times a year instead of us just making one trip out and back… but it’s worth it to see the kids. [remainder at link, above.]