Pagan Charities (2010 edition)

In February 2009, I posted a listing of Pagan Charities.

As we approach the end of the mundane year (as well as the fiscal year for some), I thought I should attempt to update this list.

If you know of other Pagan Charities that are not listed, or know of any listed that are no longer in existence, please drop me a note as a comment with the appropriate information, and I’ll add it into an updated listing.


Pagan Charities

Some of those are probably duplicated here:

More here:

Pagan Scholarships: (about 1/3 of the page down, some may have been discontinued)

My personal favorite pagan charity: Act of Kindness

There are others, this is just a few off google…but it seems that a lot of folk do not know about them.