Activism, elderhood, and public shaming

Source: Activism, elderhood, and public shaming

I’m still trying to put my own thoughts into words over this issue, and they are not coming easily. In the meantime, here’s someone else’s point of view on the matter.

Cue the fucking wahmbulance

Happy Monday! Let’s all celebrate the new week with a little sweet justice, in the form of a tale of woe plucked from Reddit: An anonymous dude is very upset that, after he maneuvered his “big girl” girlfriend into an open relationship so he could score with mad babes, she’s getting loads more dates than him.

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Dude’s Demand for an Open Relationship Backfires Spectacularly

Taking Offense, and Being in Pain


It seems my article (Hey go look at it, it’s right here: ) is getting a reaction (And yes, I am listening to The Heavy’s “Love Like That” right now) and the issue that always fascinates me the most is when arguments rest on how everyone is angry, offended, scared, and confused by whatever it is being talked about.

And I see the same refrain of people being offended by other people’s offense.  Even the term ‘offensive’ is offensive these days to a lot of people, but rage makes it hard to see that irony.  Which I get – rage makes it hard to see anything except potential targets, because I imagine that anger really is about our brains and bodies trying to solve a problem by fixation that is sometimes quite helpful, and sometimes entirely unhelpful.  (I’ve read a lot on the subject in Psychology, Cognitive Science and…

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Genealogy software

Over at Open Thread Thursday at Geneablogger, they are asking about running multiple genealogy software programs.

There are a lot of them choose from (Cyndi’s List of Genealogy Software and Computers is a comprehensive sampling of what’s available); for many years, I preferred using Personal Ancestral File (PAF) as my primary desktop (laptop) program and then would export a cleaned GEDCOM file from that for use on my genealogy website,, with occasional supplementation from an older version of Family Tree Maker (FTM) (link is to the most recent version, I was using version 7 way back when).

A couple of years ago, I switched from using PAF in favour of FTM 2010. While there are still things about FTM that make me want to scream, I do like the built-in search capability for (as well as other sites, and you can add additional ones to your search menu); PAF was limited to only searching on

I’m still having to export a GEDCOM file to upload to my website, plus make some additional clean-up/corrections to it; my eventual goal is to exclusively use my website for both data collection and display, as each version of Darrin Lythgoe’s The Next Generation of Genealogy Sitebuilding becomes more robust with each new version.