Green Egg Omelette

I note with interest the forthcoming publication of “Green Egg Omelette”, a collection of articles and items from the pages of The Green Egg. Chas Clifton posted notice of it in his blog Letter from Hardscrabble Creek.

In previewing the contents, I noted with pleasure that at least two of Lady Gwen Thompson’s articles will be included: “Wiccan-Pagan Potpourri” and “Halloween and Old Jack”. I’m less pleased that they have once again perpetrated the by-line of “Welsh Tradition Wicca” to her name in at least one instance.

In 1975, when this was done the first time, it sparked a series of letters of complaint by Gwen; when “The Rede of the Wiccae” was reprinted a few years back by GE, her Craft descendants took up the cause, and I’m reasonably certain that more than myself will do so again. (I’ve already commented at Chas’ blog on the subject.)

To clear the record, here are Gwen’s own words, and then-Tim, now Oberon’s, replies:

[Letter to “Green Egg” #71:]

Dear Tim and M.G., 4/25/75
May I inquire what enterprising Individual added Welsh Tradition Wicca to my name in an article I wrote many months ago entitled “Wiccan-Pagan Potpourri” and which appeared in Ostara GE 69? For the record: we are not Welsh I do be-lieve we ran this route a few years ago, and it seems that once more clarification is needed. We re and always have been simply Traditionalists. We use the term Celtic Traditionalist to differentiate us from the ones
who claim to be Welsh, and know of only one tradition that has the right to use that name. If there are others, I do not know of them. My apologies, but we are not Welsh. We prefer to be simply known as Traditionalists.
And an aside to the Individuals who constantly lain that there are no active Covens in Rhode land, I have only to say. “Hah!” Do your re-search. There are more active non-public Covens over this entire country than anyone is aware of.
I believe We would all like to see the record of the AADL in terms of accomplishments as to date were are many complaints coming in from all over the country that reports of grave persecutions and injustices go ignored. Aside from the fact that any Witch or Pagan worth her/his weight in Acorns would be able to handle the opposition, it seems at Pat Pothier is right.. we are not In the Age of Aquarius yet. We are In a transitional process of emerging from a barrel of rotten fish.
Blessed Be.
Gwen Thompson (% Grimes)
215-A Fairmount Ave.
Saugus, MA 01906

[Letter to “Green Egg” #72:]

Dear Tim & MG, 6/3/75
Dislike to continue to nitpick, but in reply to your comment in GE 71, at no time in our past correspondence have I ever referred to my branch of the Craft as being Welsh. Research the record if you have the time (which you probably do not any more than I do, but I DO KNOW what we are).
We told you a few years ago that we are CELTIC Trads. And this is in a previous issue of GE. We made a point of informing you that we are NOT and have never been associated with any Welsh Trads. Your recollection is incorrect. Check the records. When we FIRST began corresponding it was quite a very long time ago, and I definitely did not identify our tradition with Welsh. You, you should check your files, simply if for no other reason than that a former first degree member of my Coven broke off and formed a Welsh group of his own, which may be a part of what you are thinking of. Due to the fact that this person was quite publicity prone, I can understand where impressions could have been misconstrued. This is not intended to be a hostile missive, but only to clear the air and the misconceptions of what we are and always have been. If need be, I will publish our Traditionalist manifesto so that things can be set straight for once and all, but we have never done this due to e fact that we do not seek applicants. This does not mean that we are “closed,” but simply at we do not recruit members. They eventually find us if they are our “own.” Since we dislike hassles of any kind, and this tends to be a silly-one…but important to us…we hope it ends where it began…right here. As I stated before; I really do not care what any group calls themselves or what they do…just so long as they do NOT interfere with us. We have many friends of other traditions, but they are what they are, and we are what we are. So mote it be.
For Life always. and Blessed Be to you and yours,
Gwen Thompson
% Grimes
215-A Fairmount Ave.
Saugus, MA 01906

And, finally, Tim’s assurance that it would “never happen again”…

Gwen, really, I apologize! It was the thing of one of your Initiates claiming to be Welsh Trad. that got me confused, as I would have assumed that one’s Trad is the one te is initiated into.. But I went through your file. and find nothing but adamant claims that YOU are NOT Welsh, and I’m sorry to have gotten it all mixed up. Never again, I assure you! Blessed Be! -TZ)

How soon they forget…

And for the curious, I left those two addresses in Gwen’s letters as they were included with the original publication; as she has been gone from this world for 20 years, I do hope no one attempts to contact her via that address, somehow I don’t think it will reach her.