And then there was One

As some of you may be aware, most of Western Washington is flooding. For those of you who were unaware of that, Hi, most of Western Washington is flooding.

What this means for us – we live in a valley that has a fairly good sized river running through it – hence the term “valley”. The river meanders all over the valley and loops back at points. Think of a really large, sloppy, repetitive “S” and you get the idea.

Our town is, for the most part all on one side of the river – there are a few farmsteads and houses on the other, but the majority is all on one side. This is mostly a good thing. The main road through town is Hwy 203 – or “Main Street” as it’s known around here. It runs north and south. there are two other roads that lead to and from out town: 124th Ave and the Woodinville-Duvall Road (yeah, road names around here are real original, but it’s better thanm say, East Lake Sammamish Parkway South, which is a real road.)

124th has been closed the past few days due to water over the roadway. Tonight Hwy 203 was closed heading north out of town. Oh, 124th Ave? It’s south of town, out Hwy 203 and south of that is closed for the next two towns.

King County Roads Alerts

The line of red that you see as the map opens? That’s Hwy 203. Click in about 3 times and scroll up to where you can see Duvall. That’s our town. Notice Kelly Road to the right of town? Follow that up until it curves back toward the left, near the top. That upside-down T just past the curve is about where we live.

Now you know why I’m glad we live on a hill. There is still one road open out of the valley, but if closed, the John Donne notwithstanding, we are an Island. As the bridge over the river was raised some years ago, it’s unlikely, but not impossible that we will be completely cut off – however, that did happen a couple of years ago when the road beyond the bridge washed out.

In the good news department, my new glasses are in and I can pick them up tomorrow (aka later today), provided the road remains open.