As summer comes to its end

Fall is upon us and the trees are beginning to turn to their autumn colours. Not in vast quantities that I’ve noticed, just yet, but looking carefully, you can see the edges just beginning their passage from summer’s glorious green to the riot of autumn’s reds and oranges.

This is also reflected in the merchandise carried at local stores – Halloween and Thanksgiving decorations have arrived, and I have heard of, but not yet witnessed, Christmas items in some places. This last saddens me.

As children, our years are bounded and marked by holidays and that greatest of joys, Summer Vacation. Birthdays, Thanksgiving, Spring Break, Winter Break (by whatever names you personally prefer to call them).

As adults, the markers become fewer – whatever paid holidays off we have from our employment, perhaps a week or so of “annual leave” which may be taken a day here & there, or perhaps saved up for an entire week (or more!) off, and as a result, time seems to just fly by, one year passing into the next scarcely leaving its mark in doing so. And then we wonder “where did the time go?”

This weekend, I shall be marking time by attending the Esoteric Bok conference. Last year, I was only able to attend one day, this year, thanks to the graciousness of a friend, I will be attending the entire conference. I am very much looking forward to it. If you are interested in how last year’s conference went, my writeup can be found here.

More on that in a few dats, perhaps.