National Cultural Appropriation Day, November edition

Hey, here’s a suggestion: you want to celebrate Thanksgiving? Go for it. Find things to be thankful for and celebrate those things. Don’t let anyone harsh your mellow over it.

I really want to find a painting of First Americans meeting European Invaders and caption it “when father’s family met mother’s family.”
I suppose I could settle for a description of any of the Texas massacres that involved folks in the Albright/Albrecht families (one son went fishing and was never seen again, another branch of the family was all killed), one of the Parker cousinswas kidnapped as a child, “rescued” years later from the “red devils” – or my Creek 3x-great grandmother, who died on the Trail of Tears.
My wife’s family has a similar mixed history, as do many other people.
As for us? We got our turkey breast (there’s not enough of us to warrant a full bird), dressing, our ham, some pies, salads and a few other things on the menu.