As some know, I have several journals that I occasionally update. These include sites at LiveJournal, InsaneJournal, Dreamwidth and here at Blogger.

Of all of them, this is the one that gets the least use; something I am hoping to remedy during the coming year.

I tend to ramble about a lot of things, ranging from spirituality/religion to gender issues to freedom of speech to whatever happens to have crawled up my butt at any given point in time. I also post jokes and humor bits (see previous) that various relatives and friends have sent.

I can’t guarantee that I will be any more focused in the future than I have in the past, but I do hope to be posting here more often; posts from here will also be cross-posted to my Facebook account.

Sleepless in wherever that place is…

It’s almost 1:30 AM in the Evergreen State, and I’m still awake, much as I was last evening at this time. I frequently have episodes of insomnia, that is also when I spend most of my time online, reading.

As those who know me personally are aware, I have several blogs – I can be found at InsaneJournal, LiveJournal, GreatestJournal (a fall-back for those times when InsaneJournal is unavailable, Zaadz, MSN Spaces, I even have a MySpace account. I’ve been thinking recently of what to do with all of these places, and how to make each of them different from the others, rather than simply posting the same content to each.

And so I’m asking you, dear reader, what should I do with this one?

(edited slightly on 1 Jan 2008)