First Quarter Done…

March 31 already! This year is proving to pass us by as rapidly as the past several have.

Baseball Spring Training is finishing up, I have the Seattle Mariners/Chicago Cubs game on at the moment. It’s strange to see Lou Pinella in a different uniform, he was the manager for the Mariners for the majority of the time I’ve been following them. This is a very different team from our past seasons, much younger, and hungrier, I think. They’ve had a good Spring session and it bodes well for the remainder of the season.

I note that Green Egg Magazine has been reborn yet again. While I was a great fan of the original run, the “Next Generation” never had quite the same appeal. Granted, the Pagan world was smaller back then, and we generally knew of just about everyone who was active in it back then. The focus of the magazine changed, however with the second go-round, and so I’m more than a bit leery of this present incarnation, which is strictly web-based and by subscription. I’m not sure how I feel about that. I realize that webspace costs money, and that an e-zine is less expensive to produce than a print one, but I have fond memories of going back and rereading my old issues, even now. I suppose that time alone will tell if it is worth it or not.

I’m still feeling my way about blogger; I’m quite comfortable with the LiveJournal interfaces and clients, and update there much more often. Part of the reason is that I can lock posts there to restricted groups of people, and I’ve not really bene able to work that out for here. As a result, there isn’t a great deal of content here, and anything truly personal will be posted in my LiveJournal.

I’ll be in Rhode Island this time next month, visiting with some dear friends; while the trip will be brief, it’s been much needed. While there, I may get to visit with some others who live “nearby” if time and transportation can be worked out.