A Veiled Life

A new blog on women who veil or cover their hair.

A Veiled Life

This blog was made to address several women of different faiths/ beliefs who feel a pull to cover their hair. Some posts may concentrate on my own faith while others will not. This will be my journey back into head covering as well. I originally started covering in 2011 and over time I’ve lost touch with the practice only covering here and there. But dear readers, if you cover you know how strong the pull is and so here I am working my way back to covering full time and discovering why.

I want to share this veiled life with others and share others lives as well. For those who are unsure how it fits in their path or the curious. For those who question and those who need answers…

There will also be modesty in the mix and plenty of posts on different ways to wear head covers. I’m…

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