Will the New HR875 Bill in Congress Outlaw Organic Farming?

In last week’s issue of Organic Bytes, the OCA had a story entitled “Internet Myth of the Week: Congress To Pass Bill That Will Outlaw Organic Farming?”  The article focused on our stance on a new controversial bill in congress: HR875, the Food Safety Modernization Act of 2009. There’s been a lot of hype circulating the internet about the possible ramifications of the bill, and the OCA felt it was necessary to weigh in on the issue. Linn Cohen-Cole, the most vocal opponent of HR 875, and the person who initially shared her concerns about the bill with the OCA, responded to our article in Organic Bytes last week with deep concerns. We’ve posted her main points in our web forum for our readers to discuss.

OCA has taken a middle-ground position on HR875. We think food safety legislation is needed. We’d like to see factory farming stopped along with the practices of confining animals, feeding them slaughterhouse waste and manure, and not letting cows eat grass. These practices would virtually eliminate mad cow, salmonella and E. coli. HR 875 doesn’t do this, but it does make food recalls mandatory and allows for civil penalties, two important tools the government could use against the factory farms that are making us sick.

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