Oh Ye Gods and Non-Gods, not another blog

Hi. Welcome to Yet Another Blog By Me.

I’m found elsewhere: http://herbmcsidhe.livejournal.com/, http://herbmcsidhe.greatestjournal.com/ and http://moondancer.zaadz.com/blog most often. If you are really curious, you may even be able to find me at Myspace, MSN and a few other locales as well.

I created this blog so that I could more easily comment on friends who use Blogger…


2 thoughts on “Oh Ye Gods and Non-Gods, not another blog

  1. OK, I’ve got you on my bloglines feeds as well as on MySpace.But that’s IT buddy…I’m not subscribing to more than three of your blogs…

  2. errant_rogue says:

    Great name for your blog. You’ll be interested to know that I too have become a fan of single malt whiskey, but I’ve really been enjoying Rye… most definitely thanks to Raymond Chandler. I can’t wait to get some scenes on my reel of this recent noir homage I did… it was spot on and has some great production value. Keep a watchful eye. … and give us your address and we’ll send you a wedding invitation when we get to that. http://wedding.lancejholt.com/

    Blessed Be

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